We help families preserve and pass on wealth.

Providence Wealth Systems (PWS) is continuous, integrated, and optimized financial planning system that leverages The Living Benefit Estate Plan (LBEP™) – a proprietary estate planning model with a superior distribution system. 

We exist because traditional portfolio construction is failing.

  • Client’s #1 risk is not volatility, it’s outliving their assets
  • Traditional portfolios (85/15, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40) run out of assets 10% of the time over a 30 year distribution
  • After 60 years, investors exhaust assets 40-50% of the time
  • After 90 years, clients are more likely to run out of assets than not.

PWS is the scalable, sustainable solution

Using LBEP™, your clients have the greatest likelyhood of never running out of money. PWS delivers 1% – 3.5% additional CAGR over traditional planning.


Competitive Advantage

Adapting strategies used by the Rockefeller family, banks, and >70% of fortune 1000 companies, PWS is able to mitigate short-term risk while improving long term performance


Automation and A.I.

LBEP™ helps clients preserve cashflow by pivoting between assets to avoid recognizing losses in downturns



Over time, assets are gradually shifted to trusts to minimize estate taxes and protect wealth for future generations

First-to-world Continuous Financial Planning Software

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