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The Living Benefit Estate Plan (LBEP™)



LBEP™ is a revolutionary financial planning methodology developed by PWS, featuring unique software designed to create and sustain generational wealth for individuals and families through a consistent, secure monthly distribution generated by the estate. At the core of this innovative approach is a distinct reserve system, ideally consisting of investments that are not strongly correlated with traditional assets like stocks and bonds. This system effectively mitigates risk and may offer tax advantages through options such as Municipal Bonds. Unlike traditional estate planning, which is a one-time, manual process, the Living Benefit Estate Plan ensures consistent distributions by continuously re-forecasting both financial and estate plans. By seamlessly integrating distribution management, wealth management, and estate planning, the system breaks down the silos between these areas to maximize wealth while meeting specific distribution constraints. 

 Additionally, it eliminates the administrative burden of integrating asset management, risk management, and estate planning by managing cash flow across all assets continuously rather than at isolated points in time. LBEP™ establishes an unparalleled fiduciary standard** by seamlessly integrating short-term cash flow management, asset management, and estate planning, surpassing the limitations of the current siloed approach to asset management and estate planning. The system is designed to optimize the balance sheet by removing redundant safe capital and refocus risk mitigation strategies to address the primary risk investors face in the distribution phase—ensuring a consistent distribution to the family and avoiding running out of money—thereby enabling the confident allocation of more capital to wealth growth. 

**The Fiduciary Standard, established by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, mandates that advisors prioritize their clients’ interests and provide thorough, accurate analysis executed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.